BYKEP OTC buying and selling Bitcoin by transfer

For legal or natural persons as well as more experienced users wishing to pay by bank transfer their purchase of crypto-assets. Our off-market service is able to fulfill urgent orders and is available for orders over 1 BTC. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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We collect the necessary information, when setting up your purchase order.


You are accom-panied throughout your journey by a dedicated interlocutor.

Invoice for your purchases

Get an invoice, for your different Bitcoins purchases.

Increased security thanks to our Compliance Program

The procedures implemented as part of our compliance program enable companies to meet regulatory and legal requirements, in order to serenely access crypto-assets.

BYKEP sale by transfer

BYKEP OTC is a money order transfer service, providing high liquidity, allowing the execution of transactions involving high volumes. Do not hesitate to contact for all your urgent operations or superior to 1 BTC.

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