The purchase in point of sale is unavailable, and comes back soon under the regulatory services (AMF)

A better account to buy your bitcoins

Are you new to Bitcoin? BYKEP™ offers a user friendly solution, to manage and purchase your cryptocurrency in the most simple way.

Provide your phone number and receive a link to download BYKEP' application, including an embedded secure crypto-wallet.

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Buy bitcoin easily

The irl bitcoin*in real life

Your cryptocurrency is now available from your convenience store where a BYKEP™ Voucher will be issued and redeemed within your customer area. Soon you'll have the option to receive your bitcoin directly into your crypto-wallet*.

A user friendly interface

BYKEP™' application embed a cryptocurrency wallet, enabling also novice users to manage simply their crypto-assets.Free and automatically available, BYKEP bitcoin' wallet use is optional and independent of the cryptocurrency purchase service.


BYKEP™ wallet' private keys are stored following a multi-layer enhanced security protocols .

Not displaying the private key, provide novice users, with a cryptocurrency managing tool, adapted to basic technical knowledge.

*smartphone and active account required

An aesthetic and ergonomic interface enabling the use of bitcoin

User's experience

Carry out all your operations in a total intuitive way.


Send bitcoin easily and safely. Choose an amount in your local currency to send the equivalent in bitcoin (real-time rate provided by bitfinex)

Redeem up to 5 vouchers in just 2 clicks

Bitcoin Voucher

You choose among the values available from your retailer who will provide you with a voucher. Scanning the QR code or entering the PIN will launch your cryptocurrency' delivery process. We will soon enable the possibility to scan up to 5 vouchers in a row for a single delivery.

Direct Bitcoin

Direct Bitcoin™ service, offers the option to request the immediate purchase of bitcoin and delivery on the selected wallet.


A free embeeded bitcoin wallet is available within the application. Nevertheless our customers are totally free to use any other wallet for the delivery and storage of their crypto-asset.

Bitcoin around you

Thousands of retailers

Bitcoin BYKEP service is available from more than 5,000 retailers in France and very soon throughout Europe.

Around you

For too long, bitcoin has been out of reach. Thanks to BYKEP™ bitcoin is accessible and closer than ever.

BYKEP provides also professionals with access to Bitcoin investment

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