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Our vocation is to simplify the Purchase of Bitcoin

Easy registration

A fast and fluid account creation that will make you benefit from an integrated crypto wallet as well as a complete panel of functionalities


Our vocation is to simplify the Purchase of Bitcoin


Buying cryptocurrency from your merchant gives you the assurance of receiving your crypto-assets with complete peace of mind


Our vocation is to simplify the Purchase of Bitcoin

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Thousands of points of sale giving you access to the purchase of bitcoin.

Quickly find a reseller thanks to our "store locator" tools

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Bitcoin for everyone

Also allow less experienced users to acquire their cryptocurrency with ease.

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Get your privacy back

The best alternative to banks that limit their customers on the allocation of their expenses. Buy and spend bitcoin freely. The bitcoin payment offers you the possibility to dissociate the data collected during your online purchases and those collected by your bank.

Total transparency on fees

Bitcoin price originating from a major exchange (Bitfinex). No hidden fees or bad surprises. With the Direct Bitcoin® service, you are informed about the amount of bitcoin to collect at the time of purchase.

A specific goal

Optimize the experience of buying cryptocurrency

BYKEP™ offers services and tools enabling users to obtain and use their crypto-assets in transparency, trust and security.

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Download BYKEP Blockchain™ app to your smartphone


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Creating your BYKEP™ account is fast and smooth. Once validated, you'll be granted with access to BYKEP complete toolbox


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Buy bitcoin

Use the store locator to find a retailer for BYKEP voucher. Choose from the amounts offered by your merchant. You can choose any bitcoin wallet to store your cryptocurrency


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Find a retailer nearby

BYKEP provides also professionals with access to Bitcoin investment

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Purchase bitcoin

Download BYKEP application on your smartphone and benefit from a unique tool to buy and use your bitcoins.

around you

The crypto revolution starts with thousands of merchants, offering Bitcoin BYKEP® service.

and pay as you wish

Choosing freely your payment method empowers those who have decided to take part in the Bitcoin revolution with a simple way to buy bitcoins.


Buying bitcoin should be as easy as paying for a coffee

BYKEP™, the user friendliest option when buying cryptocurrency. No need to compromise between security and simplicity

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